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Welcome to Berryville - Clarke County, Virginia! We hope you enjoy our Clarke County community website, developed by locals for locals to serve as a web portal to “all things Berryville and Clarke County.”

You will find Clarke County to be a truly unique experience. Visit our historic sites and homes, cycle on our scenic roads, canoe and fish on the Shenandoah River, horseback ride, play golf, take a balloon ride or hike the Appalachian Trail.

Clarke County offers a wide variety of restaurants in the county—from country cooking, fast food, and ethnic cuisine to fine dining—that are sure to please everyone. As residents, we understand the importance of supporting local businesses and take great pride in our community’s prosperity. We encourage everyone to shop and partner with businesses and community members within our own community.

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Berryville Virgina ~ Over 200 Years of History

Berryville was founded at the intersection of the Winchester Turnpike and Charlestown Road. The land was first granted by the Crown to Captain Isaac Pennington in 1734, and George Washington surveyed it on October 23, 1750. In 1754 Pennington sold it to Colonel John Hite.

According to legend, Daniel Morgan would engage in combat with young toughs at the intersection, having first piled large stones nearby to use as ammunition in case of need. Because of this story, and a rowdy tavern nearby, the area was first given the informal name of "Battle Town".

Hite sold the tract in 1765 to his son-in-law, Major Charles Smith. Smith also named his estate "Battle Town", and on the site of the former tavern he built a clapboard homestead, which still stands on Main Street and is now known as "the Nook".

Daniel Morgan returned to the area after distinguishing himself in the Revolution, living at Saratoga, and briefly at Soldier's Rest. He was one of the frequent (and reputedly most quarrelsome) patrons of the new tavern (where now stands the Battletown Inn).

Major Smith's son, John Smith, in 1797 sold 20 acres (81,000m2) of his inheritance to Benjamin Berry and Sarah (Berry) Stribling, who divided it into lots for a town. It was established as the town of Berryville January 15, 1798.

By 1810, the town had at least 25 homes, three stores, an apothecary (pharmacy), two taverns, and an academy (school). It was not much larger when it became the county seat of newly-formed Clarke County in 1836

Confederate Gen. Jubal A. Early briefly had his headquarters in the town, and not long afterward the Battle of Berryville was fought in and around the town during the Valley Campaigns of 1864, during the American Civil War.

The railroad came in the 1870s.

Virginia governor and U.S. senator Harry F. Byrd long resided in Berryville. A state senator in 1916, he built a log cabin named Westwood (a name he also gave his daughter) in Berryville at a family-owned orchard. The cabin was constructed from chestnut logs prior to the chestnut blight. In 1926, purchased Rosemont, an estate adjacent to his family's apple orchards in Berryville, and moved there after his term as governor ended in 1929.

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